NathanD’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I have decided to open a new ATC tracking thread because the other one was getting old and in active don’t worry I had someone close it
I am open for patterns at EDDM Expect runway 08R/L no intersecting departures and if you are departing to a destination please file a flight plan before requesting pushback thanks and have fun!

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Why? A flight plan is only required if the airport is in IMC (Instrument Meteorologic Conditions).


Come by and fly some patterns at KBZN a very scenic airport with beautiful mountains surrounding the airport
Open from 09:35z-10:30z

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I am now open at KEUG Eugene Regional Airport I don’t know how long I will be open for🤣 patterns and departures accepted

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@NathanD are you still open?


Yes I am I was just taking a little break

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Oh okay. Sorry had to go.


Oh that’s fine drop by anytime you’d like

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I’ll come!

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Yep I see you Thanks from coming to KEUG

Alrighty. Feedback -
-I requested for pushback and my aircraft isn’t capable of doing a pushback so the correct response would be to just give me a taxi clearance (was in a P38)

-I requested a frequency change from ground. The correct response is a duplicate frequency change message since the taxi instruction states to contact tower when ready therefore requesting a frequency change just clutters frequency and is not needed

-when I was doing my circuit you told me to make left traffic when you cleared me for takeoff going in the left traffic prior. You don’t need to tell me to make left or right traffic unless I switch runways or am inbound for touch and goes from another airspace. I go based on what the takeoff command states to go unless told otherwise to make the opposite direction if something happens

-when I switched runways you just told me that I was cleared for the option. When someone changes runways you must give them a pattern entry like enter right downwind runway ___ with a sequence if needed followed by a clearance

-I never received an exit command. You must be aware as the option includes a full stop landing. I did that to see if you were aware.

Glad to see you controlling!
If you have any follow up questions, my inbox is always open for me to try to help. :)

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I have moved my Tracking Thread to KSJC departing runways 30L and R Pattern work accepted if you plan on departing spiral above the airport to avoid colliding with arriving traffic into SFO

I am now open at KRDU Departing runway 5L and 5R patterns allowed

I have switched over to OTHH to support bigger planes and more people departing runways 34L and 34R patterns accepted

Hey man! I just flew in and did some patterns coming from OTBD. I was Southwest 948 (Boeing 737). Here’s my feedback:

What Went Well

  • Good Transition Altitude
    3000 feet was an appropriate altitude, nice job!
  • Appropriate Timings
    All your clearances came at the proper time when I was on downwind.

What Needs Improvement

  • Don’t Ask For Intentions
    After approving my transition (good altitude, by the way), you should not have asked for my intentions. I could have just flown threw your airspace without doing anything else (landing, etc.).
  • No Initial Pattern Entry Instruction
    You immediately cleared me to land when I was first inbound. You need to give a pattern entry instruction whenever someone is calls inbound.
  • Told To Enter Right Base
    When I requested a runway change, you told me to enter right base. It should have been right downwind.
  • Pattern Instruction Every Landing
    On both landings, you said “cleared for the option, after the option, make right/left traffic.” You only need to give this instruction when an aircraft first enters the pattern (either taking off or from a runway change).

Thanks for flying patterns with me I will take note of this feedback the next time I open

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I am open yet again and this time the airport is KLHN landing runways 27 and 28 departing runways 27 and 28 no intersection departures please pattern work is allowed hope to see you there!

Dropped by…no response

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I’m sorry I had to go and deal with something else that needed my attention but will open up soon

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I’m open at KHIO on Training Server from 4:00z-5:00z come by and fly and patterns if you’d like

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