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Hello! ¡Hola! Olá! Bonjour! Hallo! 你好! こんにちは! Привет! Yá’át’ééh!

Welcome to my filming tracking thread. Here, you can see all of the works of in-sim filming I’ve done since I first started in 2017, and progress on future films

My filming style comes from not just my own self-taught Freecam photography, but inspiration from other artists such as @Dan and @JNG_Aviation, as well as several real-life air-to-air filmographers. All thus far have been done using iMovie and an iPad Pro 12.9.

📽 Latest Film:

XCub: Escape

Escape into an entirely different world of GA flying with the highly versatile bush flyer, the XCub.

🎬 Future Films:

Innovation In Motion

Status: Filming In progress.

The A350 is Infinite Flight’s best constructed airliner and the most highly requested feature ever. From any angle, the modern architecture of the A350 is enough to steal breaths from spotters.


Virtual F-22 Raptor Demo Team - Infinite Flight Trailer

Status: Filming starting soon.

The Virtual Airshow Council’s F-22 Raptor Demo Team is a tribute act to not just the real Raptor Demo, but to the hardworking men and women of the United States Air Force and Air Combat Command. The team seeks to bring the same awe-inspiring airpower as its real life counterpart right to your screen, across two flight simulators, Infinite Flight and Carrier Landing HD (pending multiplayer release).



⏱ Past Films:


Most Feared

July 11, 2017

This is my first ever film. It features, yep. You guessed it. My favorite plane of all time, the F-22 Raptor. As you can see, my film skills were primitive at this point. Compared to now, it’s a mere shadow to my current skill set.

Most Feared - An Infinite Flight Film - YouTube


December 21, 2017

This is the first video I uploaded to the IFAE channel, and the first done with iMovie on Mac. This is about IFAE’s flagship, the Cessna Citation X.

Flagship - An Infinite Flight Movie - YouTube


3 Engines

January 15, 2018

A film on the classic McDonell Douglas Trijets. This is my most viewed film so far!

3 Engines - Infinite Flight Movie - YouTube

IFAE Event Highlights 1: Lukla

February 26, 2018

This was recorded to highlight a Lukla Landing Competition with IFAE. This also proves Rocco doesn’t land good 🤪

IFAE Event Highlights 1: Landings at Lukla - YouTube

CRJ: A New Era

May 21, 2018

Past and present come together in this wonderful film released after the CRJ was reworked, bidding farewell to a memoir of Infinite Flight’s old days.

Infinite Flight Film: CRJ | A New Era [HD] - YouTube


June 30, 2018

A film featuring none other than the IFAE Global Air Forces. Air power at its finest. This happened to be my best-made film so far.

Infinite Flight Film | Survival [HD] - YouTube


December 17, 2018

A very menacing film on the merciless A-10 Warthog, the first rework of a military aircraft. Thanks to the IFAE Global Air Forces for helping with the film!

Infinite Flight Film - Fate [4K] - YouTube


19.1: IFAE’s First Look

March 17, 2019

An insightful presentation on the 19.1 Update, featuring an A330 soft rework, new liveries and the amazing live replay.

Update 19.1 - IFAE's First Look [4K] - YouTube

IFCAS: Reteaching Flying

May 29, 2019

My first ever commissioned work. This was a project done for the Infinite Flight Council of Airshows (@DeltaMD88Fan).

IFCAS Official Trailer - Reteaching Flying [4K] - YouTube

IFAEGAF Red Flag Alaska: Prepare For War

June 18, 2019

A trailer I made for IFAEGAF’s Red Flag Alaska, basically an aerial war game simulating a Russian invasion via Alaska.

IFAEGAF Red Flag Alaska - Prepare For War - YouTube


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In case you couldn’t tell, you probably couldn’t, that was the 20th Century Fox Intro which would go perfect in front of that amazing work of art.

Wow in all seriousness incredible work! That X-CUB is incredible I hope to see the best for the future!


Thanks! Final Cut Pro is on the way, so it may just get more impressive after my A350 film.

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That was so ridiculously awesome!!! I’ll need to learn the free cam better 😅

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There was an IFCAS trailer somewhere in the midst of 2019 as well. My favorite work of art

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Just added it. How’d I forget that? 😂😂😂

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That was a amazing video!

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Remember seeing that video (xcub) long time ago. Still amazing 🤩

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Haven’t seen any work from you, but I hear you’re a critically acclaimed producer 😉 I’ll be sure to have a look sometime!

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Yeah. I got kinda lazy until the A350 came in and I just said “ok, I gotta film this.”

Back to work on the A350 film after getting delayed by schoolwork


Now this is gonna be good.

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