Nate_Schmidt’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Come on down to KTS Right now.

Hey mate!

I’m guessing this is on Training Server. A good bit of advice, if you are looking for people to come to your sessions is to set up an ATC Tracking Thread and change the tile and update it when you open.

For example purposes I have linked mine below:


Put this in ATC for you :)
However I belive things like this require you to use a tracking thread
As @Declan_O said, thanks!


Let me start this thread up right…

I’ll come on down. BCHASER - C208


Also, I will add, please do follow the correct title format for ATC tracking threads, shown here.
I edited the title for you for it to be proper.
When you are open it should say:
Nate_Schmidt’s ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN @XXXX]
When you are closed it should say:
Nate_Schmidt’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]
Hope this helps! :)

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BCHASER - C208 | 10 Minutes Under ATC Control

Some Item’s To Highlight:

Remaining In a Pattern | Turning Base

Since I was already in the pattern, there is no need to tell me to enter base for the runway… Especially when I was already entering final. A simple “BCHASER, Runway 32, cleared to land.” would have been perfect since I was the only one in the pattern.


Clearing Aircraft to land

To touch that runway after taking off, an aircraft MUST receive a “Cleared to land” command.

See These:

Can’t wait to see you improve with time to where you will be taking your IFATC Practical and acing it! :)


Thanks for insight. Still learning.

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Exactly. We are all here to help you learn. Hope to see improvement as you continue to control

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Cleared to land? I think aircrafts in pattern should be given Cleared for the option :)

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