NAT tracks for FNF

Are NAT tracks required for FNF? The eastbound NAT tracks are not even active if you want ATC on both sides because they are active from 0100-0700z. And there would be way too much traffic for one track in each direction.

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I don’t think it’s required just strongly recommended

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But the FNF post seems to indicate they are required, and that ruins the realism

I think the devs are going to have like more than one track for the FNF because the events always gets crowded.

The tracks are the ones from IRL and there’s only one due to reduced traffic atm.

Not exactly

According to the NOTAM, there is no TFR requiring that you use the published Oceanic Track. If you want Center, I would highly suggest it but you won’t be reported for not using a track

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How? 😂

Most transatlantic flights are to use these said tracks, you know 😅

They’re not gonna be strictly enforced as said in development threads.

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Only SIDs and STARs are required; oceanic tracks will not be required - however it is your responsibility to separate yourself from traffic if you are active and at your device during the flight.


NAT tracks in app are active at all times. NAT tracks in real life are only active from 0100z-0700z going east and 1300z-1930z going west.

Our ATC schedule cutoff at 0600z means that eastbound tracks are not active if you are trying to get ATC on both ends.

Use a “random routing”, this means not using a NAT track but instead using a list of GPS coordinates.

Most flights that I copy the FPL off of, do not follow these tracks. They go way further north


Flights from the west coast usually go north, yeah

Flights from the east coast will choose depending on whether the tracks work or not

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