NASWI & NOLF Coupeville | 30 Jan - 01 Feb 2024

Took a trip out to Whidbey Island last week. Great spotting despite being overcast (which was preferable, actually) but the sun broke out perfectly for the evening ops out at Coupeville.

VAQ-129 “Vikings” EA-18G slowing down on 14

VAQ-135 “Black Ravens” CAG launching off of 14

VP-69 P-8 Poseidon slowing down on 14

A line jet for VAQ-140 “Patriots” on the go at Coupeville

VAQ-140 “Patriots” CAG rolling down the strip at Coupeville

Another VAQ-140 “Patriots” line jet going around the pattern at Coupeville

VAQ-140 “Patriots” CAG lifting off into the darkness at Coupeville

Bucket list catch was this EP-3 Aries II.



4000D could never

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You would be correct with that one

average 5d mark 4 renter

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Imagine not actually owning a 5dIV

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Nice shot though

Sorry for being poor

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No need to apologise 🤭

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Cool photos. Now we need to add some of these.

amazing shots 👌

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To IF? These are Growlers, not Super Hornets like we have in IF

add growlers rahhh


Coup ville

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Coup ville

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