Nashville International Fly Out @ KBNA - 162100ZAUG19

Welcome to my second event that takes place in music city and the Grand Ole’ Opry where numerous famous artist have sang amazing songs. It is a focus city for Southwest and Delta Airlines Another note that Each year the National Beta convention for youth is held here for young students to start off with success.For more informations about the Grand Ole’ Opry and Nashville and the airport below.

Server: Expert

Airport: KBNA


NOTAM: *Please be respectful and use Unicom if there is no ATC do not pushback parallel with the person next to you. Be respectful and aware of others on the ground and in the air. Use designated runways and I will tell each concourse when push back is a go.

  • Gate request close 20 mins prior to the event and Runways will be announced when event is started

Commercial Gates
Concourse A is served by Air Canada and United airlines as well

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
A1- Air Canada Crj-200 CYYZ
A2- United 737-900 KSFO
A3- Air Canada Crj-200 CYYZ
A4- United Crj-200 KORD
A5- British Airways B787-9 EGLL @anon57683537
A6- United 737-700 KIAH
A7- United 737-900 KEWR
A8- United Crj-700 KIAD

Concourse B is served by Delta, Alaskan airlines, WestJet Encore, Frontier Airlines, Jetblue.

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
B1- Delta B717 KMSP
B2- Delta 737-900 KATL @Rockydawg_42
B3- Frontier A320 KDEN
B4- Alaskan A320 KSEA
B5- Delta 737-800 KSEA
B6- Delta A319 KDTW
B7- Jetblue A320 KBOS
B8- Jetblue A320 KFLL
B9- Frontier A320 KMCO @Niccckk
B10A- Frontier A320 KPHL @esant_15
B10B- Alaskan A320 KSFO
B10C- Delta E170 KBOS
B11- Delta Crj-900 KJFK
B12- WestJet Encore Dash 8-400 CYYZ
B13- WestJet Encore Dash 8-400 CYYZ

Concourse C is served by American Airlines, American Eagle, And last but most certainly not least Southwest and three gates are inoperative

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
C2- Southwest 737-800 KOAK
C3- American 737-800 KMIA @Kevinsoto1502
C4- Southwest 737-700 KSTL
C5- Southwest 737-700 KMCI
C6- Southwest 737-700 KEWR
C7- American Eagle Crj-700 KORD
C8- American Eagle Crj-700 KIND
C9- Southwest 737-800 KDCA
C10- Southwest 737-700 KDAL @Zach007
C11- American A320 KCLT
C12- American A321 KDFW
C13- Southwest 737-700 KLAX
C14- Southwest 737-700 MPTO
C15- Southwest 737-800 KFLL
C16- Southwest 737-700 KPHX
C17- American A321 KLAX
C18- American Eagle Crj-700 KDFW
C19- American 737-800 KDFW
C20- Southwest 737-700 KPHL
C21- Southwest 737-800 KLGA

B2 737 to KATL

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You got it thanks for signing up

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Are you sure at gate A5 I can go and spawn in there in the B787-9

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United 737 to EWR pls

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Yes sir your signed up

Actually sorry about this is it possible to change to a AA 737 to MIA?

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Yep it is I’ll change you right now

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Could I have this gate please

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Could I have B9 to MCO, please?

Yep got you both all signed up thanks

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Can I have gate B10A to PHL, please?

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Yes you may

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Any one want to sign up

There is still a lot of time and a lot of gates if anyone wants to sign up

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@Kevinsoto1502 @anon57683537 @Rockydawg_42
@esant_15 @Niccckk due to recent events and other things and a partnership with events like ‘merging’ I ask you to please go ding up at this event same place one day after and I only did this because they have sponsorships and it is more likely to get
popular @Etrain is hosting the event go check it out please

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@DeerCrusher sorry to bother you at this time… This can be closed please

Bother me? Psshhhh. Naw… well maybe sometimes. I don’t know. 😜