NASA keeps 747SP fit for life beyond 2030

Nice to no that will have this beautiful airplane to be flying around for quite a few years to come. Mission of the aircraft is quite amazing. The technology put into the stabilizing of the telescope is a feet upon itself. One of the most interesting aspects of this article is the name of the aircraft you will have to read it to discover what that is.



C’mon. Don’t just give a link and a picture. Say something about what you want us to read.


Thats awesome! As long as you maintain your things, it will also last forever, but since this is a very old 747, I think that parts are getting hard to find. I hope they can keep it again beyond 2035

I’m glad to hear the SP will be around for longer. Seemed very short lived in terms of passenger service.


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Wow… Now i’m wondering how long the VC-25 (Air Force One’s) will be in service.

I’m learnin here, gotta bear with the old guys they don’t know what they’re doing

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I’m not surprised, when an aircraft is not flown very often it can last so much longer. Thanks for sharing!

NASA will have a way of getting the parts they need. They wouldn’t say they were going to keep it if they couldn’t get them.

Hey! I’m just glad you posted a picture. Sometimes we don’t even get that.

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