NASA ' Frankenstein ' F-18

As most of you know we already have NASA’s SOFIA 747 which not many people fly these days but I figured that you do see a lot of jets in training server 1 and the casual server so I thought this livery looks cool and I would really like to see this livery in infinite flight, please let me know what you think! (Photo credit:

First we need a F-18 rework. Then yeah, this would be nice.


Fighter rework in general.


The F-16 (correct me I I’m wrong) has quite a few liveries. The rest yeah.

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Pretty cool, but first we need a fighter rework and also the C-17 redone

I mean, after the MD11, then after the A350, then maybe.

Just say 2018 at that point

Yeah I agree, but the F22 doesn’t need one tho!

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But it does? Back on topic however.