NASA DC8 pics from Operation IceBridge.

Operation IceBridge is a ongoing NASA mission to monitor changes in polar ice It is an airborne follow-on mission to the ICESat satellite.

NASA Just released this awesome pictures of their DC8 over Antarctica! Their DC8 is a modified aircraft used for airborne research! you can find more here:


They look so low in that secont picture eaven though they are tens of thousands of feet up, gives you a real scale of the stuff down there!


OGM! Those pilots are having the time of their life!! I’m jelous lol


These pics are absolute beauties, must be fun working up there


I am hoping one day to fly down there, think it’d be super awesome!

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Seen that DC-8 on flight radar over New Zealand, pretty cool old jet.

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I have a buddy who flies one for Samaritans Puse. Been trying jump seat on it

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omg the second photo looks like the plane is a couple hundred feet up

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Stunning Images @anon93248082 … I envy your job as always 🤣

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This wasn’t nine lol all owned by NASA

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Regardless 🤣 looks awesome!

Wow! Great pictures!
So they’re still flying these old things! Some solid aircraft, even though it’s ‘highly modified’.
Makes you wonder if they still have some flight simulators around, to practice for the pilots.

My first ever flight was in a DC8, back in 1967.

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I don’t think so, think it’s all in real world aircraft for older stuff!

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