Nasa 0825, Runway 22L, Cleared to Land

Hello IFC!

Today I am back with a screenshot from last night. So last night I decided to take the Boeing 747-SCA for a spin. It was a little risky as I have never did a landing in the 747 before. But I decided to go for it. During this landing I fell in love with the Boeing 747. Anyways here is my screenshot.

Flight details

Aircraft - Boeing 747 - SCA || Rough - ESSA-ETHK || Server - Expert Server || Flight time - One hour, Eighteen minutes.

Nasa 0825, Runway 22L, Cleared to Land

Bonus screenshot!

Thank you for viewing my screenshots!

If you have any comments on these shots leave them below. Thank you and have a nice day!


Nice! Love the slight feeling of a silhouette. The Bonus pic is nice since you can see the runway lights…

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@Mr-plane-guy1 Thanks!

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