NAS Oceana Airshow Event

April '14 - AIRSHOW! | I am organizing an airshow at NAS Oceana [KNTU] this Friday!!! This airshow is for Any military aircraft including [F-22, F-16C, F-14, A-10, the C-130 family, P-38, Spitfire MK VIII, C-17, and the KC-10]

The event starts at 2000Z and ends when everyone is done. if you have a friend that would like to do a formation flight for the airshow you may do so however you may not fly with someone you have not set up before hand. Your airshow must be 5 minutes or under or you may do up to 10 passes over the runway which you could do anything you want on each pass. I advise that you do some practice airshows before hand so you are better prepared. After you have finished your show you should land and taxi off the runway. You can stay and watch if you wish!

[the runway being used will be announced prier to the airshow]

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