Narrow Body going Transatlantic (EDI-IAD)

Hey IFC,

This morning, I decided to fly a flight I flew exactly one week ago, EDI-IAD with United Airlines. My flight in real life was on the 767-400, however the -400 is not in the game (yet) and the -300 is antiquated. Plus, the 757-200 was the original aircraft on that route before the aircraft change in April. Probably one of my most fun flights yet. Funny enough, the approach into Dulles was very similar to the approach I had in real life, very….very VERY bumpy. Enjoy some pictures!

Flight: United Airlines 979
Flight Time: 7 hours 9 minutes
Aircraft: 757-200 (United Airlines Livery)

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Very nice pictures! Just a quick Pro Tip: if you hit the button with a camera inside a frame in the bottom left, it will take a high quality screenshot without the interface that you can then upload into the forum :)

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Nice pictures! This does belong in #screenshots-and-videos though. The pictures will need to utilize the advice stated above