Narrow-bodies on transatlantic flights


I know multiple people use 757s for crossing the pond, but do other narrow-bodies fly across? I also know about that BA A318 from London City - JFK.


Westjet and European airpost with 737-700s and also Icelandair with their 757s.

I think SAS operate a 737-700 business class only flight from SVG to IAH.

They do operate those. PrivatAir 737-700s for SAS. Someday hope to be in IAH to find that airplane 😍.

Air Canada has a flight using A319s into LCY I read somewhere.

Does WestJet have a second Britain route?

IIRC Lufthansa used to fly PrivatAir A319s on DUS-ORD-DUS. That route now utilizes an A340-300.

If TAP Portugal gets their hands on some A321neoLRs then they will launch some routes.

Not sure where you read that, A319s don’t fly in to LCY and there is no AC service to LCY.

Also I checked and it seems Westjet fly to DUB and GLA only in Europe. GLA is non-stop from Halifax and DUB is non-stop from St John’s.

Qatar fly A319 from Doha to London

That’s not transatlantic though 😂

My bad-It’s to LHR from St. Johns. Still an A319.

Sorry, didn’t read your question properly

No probs buddy.

AC use a A319 is summer for a LHR flight I think to Halifax

Is it the Rouge?

Ryanair were planning on doing transatlantic ( think how awful that would be) and if they do I think it would be in their 738 as that’s one of the only types they have

No, no, please no!!! Ryanair on transatlantic would be terrible! Would a 738 make it, or would they buy/lease a few 752s?

WOW Air flies A321-200s on KEF-BOS and KEF-BWI and they’ve applied for routes to Canada

Sort of a cheat but, Air Iceland Fokkers and Air Greenland Dash 8s go from Iceland to Greenland. Technically transatlantic.

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