Narita - San Juan | Japan Airlines B772

Oh wow! You’re back, thanks for clicking! Hear me out, I actually had a decent landing this time. I hope the landing gear is happy now. Anyways, here are some photos from my 15 hour flight.


Server: Expert
Route: RJAA - TJSJ
Flight time: 15:18HRS

Complete flight plan:

Let us begin our journey today at Narita Int’l Airport, a 4.2 star rated hotel according to Google. We are going to fly a 777-200ER, because why not?

Alright, so liftoff! We are on our way to San Juan now!

Japan is a really beautiful country with nice mountains, but we have to climb out of Japan now. :(

Okay, so an hour or two later, we see the first glimpse of the rising Sun! Interesting, I just finished my astronomy course…

Here is me, the pilot, going to the cabin to look out the window. I prefer the cockpit windows, so after I take a picture, I go back to the cockpit.

Time travel time, we are now leaving the East Coast of the US. Hello ocean, once again!

We are almost there, time to descend into San Juan!

Alright, time to land, passengers want to go to the beach already.

An okay landing, -145ft/m, which is still felt by the passengers in the back.

Alright! Here we are! Go to the beach, enjoy the weather! :)

Thanks for viewing my photos! If you have any suggested routes you would like me to try, let me know! Have a good FNF tonight! :D


Beautiful shots!

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I have a suggestion Detroit- Seoul Delta a359.

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I’ll try it!

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Nice shots, hope you enjoyed the views of the coast and the beach on your final approach 🏝

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