How to change my username ? I’ve contacted moderators but no response is there other ways ?

Just give the mod some time. They all have lives outside of the forum.


Patience is a virtue.


Okay but it’s been 2 days I do understand what you’re saying

They’re probably fighting their way through the Flag Jungle.

Remember, changing names isn’t their biggest priority. They have bigger things to worry about with all the new aircraft and reworks. Just give them some time, i’m sure they’ll find you in the Middle of the Jungle.

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Thank you haha

If you did a PM to @moderators, then sometimes they get lost. Shoot a PM to @DeerCrusher, @schyllberg, @Chris_S, or any of the other mods.

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Just have in mind adding on to what others said, that you can only change your username 1 time. :)

I mean my forum name I want it to be GALAHAD

oh… my bad