Names of other planes but no planes there

Is there a reason why there are the names of the planes/players but no picture of the planes just the square box been shown whlie at the gates

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What’s your airplane count on?

Check ‘live’ settings

It’s usually when your device can’t load everything up so you usually only see a few aircraft then those further appear as boxes

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Hello Christopher,

Did you enable automatic download over cellular data in the settings? If not,turn it on. There is also the chance that the planes just haven’t downloaded yet, because with 19.1, the planes will now download around you as you fly. :)

Please check your internet connection. That would mean the aircrafts are unable to download.

Let’s let the OP reply. There are a number of causes and we also need to know what camera, where the planes are, etc.


Try enabling automatic downloads over cellular data and setting the plane count in the live tab in settings. If not try connecting to an internet network. Hope this helps!

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