Named Airport Aprons and Stands

Re: Yankee Apron At KBWI and Earhart Stand At KBOS

I can find references to Boston Logan’s Earhart Stand on the Internet; but I cannot find any references to the Baltimore/Washington’s Yankee Apron (southeast of the Fire Station on the official airport map).

I am intrigued by the history that is signaled with items are named.

Can anyone share any details on the KBWI Yankee Apron?

Hello, @iflyt00!

I suspect the reason why the sole parking spot south of the fire station is named “Yankee Apron” in Infinite Flight is due to its location, which is off of Taxiway Yankee.

It appears that this airport was last edited by @Kilt_McHaggis, who has, unfortunately, withdrawn his time from Infinite Flight and associated enterprises (i.e., IFAET). As a result, unless Kilt (or any member he corresponded with during the editing process for BWI) can clarify, we can only assume why this apron is titled as it is.

I hope this helped answer your query. Stay safe!

Z-Tube, I don’t know whether to feel dumb, enlightened, or both – thanks. I was thinking pinstripes and not phonetics. You have kicked my game experience to another level.


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