Name this Plane!

Here’s another name that plane image, take your best guess.

Please do not use image search, I have put borders around it so google may not be able to recognise it.

Anyways, here it is!

Full credits to owner:

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Rutan Boomerang in sight.

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By the way, google image search still picked it up.


Nice, you win 1st place!

Damn, I hoped it wouldnt🙃 But thanks for telling me!

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Cessna 172 multi engine, i wish Am not Wrong.

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Try painting part of the aircraft a little.

That might work, thanks!

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Unless it’s your photo

Oh yeah thanks! Totally forgot about it😬


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It’s a rut an boomerang. Lol

Regarding the copyright to the photo in OP, the pic is from Wikipedia commons, if it is linked (it was) no attribution is needed.

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