Name this APRON

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Charles de Gaulle!

I have no clue but nice idea for a game! Haven’t seen this before :)

CDG, Paris

LFPG in Paris

Yea, as many people said, Charles De Gaulle.

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If you like this challenge I can make it more difficult :)


Yes, go ahead please ;)

Yes please

Bet he’ll be showing with a class echo airfield


I don’t think he’s that mean


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I don’t even have a slight bit of an idea. Region?

Too difficult.

Honolulu Airport, or at least part of it…?

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I give up.

Hololulo international

Correct PHNL North Apron. Well spotted.

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Can’t believe I guessed it

@Kilt_McHaggis can I post one? It isn’t on IF but will be hard