Name highlighted green

So I was just wondering how players have a green text instead of white over their names (and sometimes beige and also purple) on the multiplayer. I know I can’t upload a photo with a players name so can someone explain to me please

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It means that they’re grade 4. People at grade 5 have orange names.


Ohhhhhh that makes sense


different grades have different colors. the green color your referring to is someone who is grade 4 and for user with purple, pink, etc that’s one of the official IF community members


Thank you @callaa and @champagnepapi !

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I’ve never seen a purple or pink name tag.

I’ve only seen one which is balloonchaser as purple in the name

Grade 1-3: White
Grade 4: Green
Grade 5: Orange

Moderators: Purple
Staff: Blue (except Laura, with her pink-ish one)


Thank you @schyllberg for the extra colors and clarification!

Learn something new everyday 😜

Strange, when I saw Laura on the ground at Dubai a few weeks ago her name was just blue. Oh well it doesn’t really matter.