Name change?

I was wondering if I should change my IFC username, YouTube Channel name and display name to CathayPilot?

The reason why I want to change my username is because I’m always striving for change and also because of another simple reason: I want to fly for Cathay Pacific when I’m older!

At that same time, I’m quite reluctant to have a major change like this one as people have seen my channel grow under the name DutchPilot1. Subsequently, the name DutchPilot1 is also quite well-known across my subscribers on YouTube,

I will have a slight logo change where the front of a picture of a Cathay Pacific A350-900 I have made will merely overlap my original logo I had made around 1 year ago if i do follow through with my plan to change my name to CathayPilot.

Which name do you think suits me better?
DutchPilot1 or CathayPilot?

  • DutchPilot1
  • CathayPilot

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If I were you I wouldn’t change just because “wow it’s change”. If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. It’s great to spice things up once in a while, don’t get me wrong, but changing for the sake of changing might not be the best idea.

Just my 2c


Have a look at this @Maxim.
I also had another reason for why I wanted to change my username.

Thanks for your advice anyway.

I don’t think it will be good as your not a pilot for them yet.

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True, but I really want to become a pilot for them and they’re my favourite airline!

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Don’t think we really need a topic for this if I’m going to be honest. It’s up to you if you want to change your name or not. If you do just PM one of the moderators and ask.


I could do that, but I don’t want to. This is a really hard decision for me, so I need some other people’s opinions too!

This came off on the rude side @CK777, there’s no need to be that way.

I agree with you

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A personal assistant wouldn’t be able to do what this forum can. The PA would only give 1 you opinion whereas the people in the forum would give you constructive and helpful feedback.

But then there are those who don’t really help at all like yourself.

I say go with CathayPilot if it’s what you want strive for it. I changed my name and I don’t regret it one day.

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You’re asking us, about our opinions on whether you should change or not. That’s a good question, as getting ideas from other may sway you one way or another in deciding.

But ask yourself first; Do you wish to change the name because of your dream to be a pilot for Cathay (This choice will lead to your viewers getting a different perspective of who you want to be) or Do you wish to keep your name (Your fan-base/subscribers know you as this person, whom you are, so are you willing to change image)?


This is the best answer I have gotten all day! This will really make my choice difficult…

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In the end, we can always help you in deciding but the decision will be made by you. In the end, it’s your YouTube Channel, and the name, it’s like a brand, it’s the first short description of you are and what you represent. Look at it how you may will, but the name signifies you.

So once you have built up a fanbase of people watching your videos regularly and knowing you as DutchPilot1 then staying with the name will make it stronger, but on the other hand changing will give them a better understanding of what you strive for and who you want to be. In that sense by explaining in a video why you changed it, many may support you on your journey to make that dream come true. But keeping the old name will still let you have loyal supporters, people who stand by your side, by watching your videos and instantly recognizing that this video is made by him, DutchPilot1 🙂


True, true, true; great constructive feedback JR!

But what do you think? Which name should I choose?

Edit: I’ve just seen your vote, sorry about that!

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Why are all the posts disappearing?

The moderators are deleting them to clean up the thread, so just ignore it.

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Ok. There have been a lot of stuff on the forum about name changes recently and it’s fine if you want to change your name but I don’t think it should be a big deal. It should be a personal preference not what the community thinks.


Yes, but you can also ask for opinions to help out the overall concludion.