Name 3 Airlines you like the most

Here’s mine;)
1: ANA
Reason→ Everything!!
2: United
Reason→Love the livery and it’s the airline I use the most
3: Starflyer
Reason→Good service, IFE and seat for a cheap price.

  1. Cyprus Airways
    Reason - Due to it’s my countries Arline and there service and livery and also great!
  2. EasyJet
    Reason - Have an awesome livery in my opinion! and have a great flying schemes and recruiting new pilots
  3. British Airways
    Reason - Due to there lovely high standards they have and they never let me down!
  1. Emirates
    Reason - Everything is great, even if you are in economy
  2. Singapore Airlines
    Reason - The food and service is great
  3. Cathay Pacific
    Reason - They serve food I actually enjoyed as a kid
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Reason——-> New it since I was little because I have only went on that airline
Reason———-> Just love it ( never flew on it)
Reason———>Never flew on them big don’t make fun please

Here’s mine…
1: Air India
Reason→ Things might fall apart in the cabin but gets to my home safely, crew needs to smile bit more :(
2: Emirates
Reason→ Good IFE, cabins but don’t like Dubai airports.
3: Easyjets
Reason→ Cheap and good service.

1: Southwest
Reason: Love the airline

2: Volaris
Reason: Only airline I’ve flown on

3: FedEx
Reason: Best Cargo airline ever

1: Delta
Reason: Because

2: Delta
Reason: Its a

3: Delta
Reason: Great Airline


If you left delta you would still like them this much?!?

Ehh more than likely. Just had to troll a bit


Volaris ----->

Reason They sell Airplane models for $200 (Mexican Pesos)


Mine are the following:

  1. Qantas/Jetstar
    Profile picture
  2. Virgin Australia
    Just because they are great
  3. Ryanair
    Hard as landings
  4. Airbus
    Love Airbus
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  1. SWISS
    Because no matter in what country you get on the plane, you immediately feel like you’re already back home in Switzerland.
  2. WestJet
    Don’t know. Flew with them once. Was amazed by the good service.
  3. Air Berlin
    Now defunct, and what a shame. Lovely service, great airline.

Garuda Indonesia>They have good caviar
Emirates>They have insane First Class
KLM>They got miniature house

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cathay pacific- home airline, with a lot of a350
cathay dragon- decide to throw all their a320 and a321 away, cause they ordered 31 a321neo😂
virgin Atlantic- nice fleet, nice crew

1. EVA Air
Reason: Home Airline, great business class, and they will operate 78Xs.
2. Singapore Airlines:
Reason: Epic First Class
3. ANA
Reason: Best Airline Catering in the world.

  1. Garuda Indonesia
    Reason Great Crew, Very Friendly
  2. Singapore Airlines
    Reason Best Facility, Wide Range of IFE
  3. Citilink
    Reason Best LCC on It Class
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  1. LOT
    Reason Really kind crew, new planes
  2. Ryanair
    Reason Sky interior is amazing, cheap fares and some nice crew
  3. easyJet
    Reason Friendly crew and really easy

Also BA but I don’t fly them as much so I didn’t include them.


Reason: Had a flight with a lot of problems (medical) and they made everything to make it as good as possible, very friendly crew and good interior

Number 2: KLM

Reason: Very friendly crew on Long and Short Haul, easy transfer in Amsterdam and good interior inside the 190LR/747

I only had flown with 3 airlines, but I definitely wont say that I like Ryanair, they are just horrible (humanity to their Staff)


1. Cathay Pacific:

Reason: Nice, comfortable cabin

3. British Airways:
Reason: Nice, friendly staff (+ my home airline)

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1.) Southwest
I have always been a fan of them, there service, and there liveries

2.) Delta
I fly Delta 99% of the time and they never disappoint me

3.) JetBlue
Good service and beautiful liveries!