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AIVA’s First Anniversary Event 🇮🇳

Yesterday AIVA held their Fly-In Anniversary event at Delhi (VIDP). I was lucky enough to provide ATC service along with @Prashant_Divedi at radar 😍 This event was an absolute success and AIVA was out in full force 💪 I did not really fly into VIDP, the shots below are from my ATC session.

thank you for stopping by! have a great week ahead


That must have been a good event with 2 realy good ATC. @Manav_Suri as twr and grd and @Prashant_Divedi at radar. Perfect combination!


Nice pictures! I hope you really enjoyed it!

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Thank you for the kind words Luke! Definitely a event to remember ☺️

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Thanks Ran! Had a LOT of fun 💃

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Love them 😍

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These are some beautiful shots @Manav_Suri , and thanks for the wonderful ATC coverage for yesterday’s event🙂

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Thanks @Manav_Suri

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second, third and fourth photos are amazing 😍

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@Manav_Suri & @Prashant_Divedi well done guys unfortunately i couldn’t attend, but j can imagine how great it was with both of you controlling


Thank you all for the kind words ❤️🙂