Nairobi (HKJK) - London (EGLL) Timelapse/cinematic

Hello! I have finally finished a Timelapse, from Nairobi to London, in a Kenya airways 787!

Mini-mod repellent:
Flight-time ~9:30H
Cruising: FL340
Speed: ~Mach 0.80


Kenya Airways is the best livery you can find šŸ˜, but why so slow??

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Mach .80 ist that slow

For a 787 it is. They usually cruise around .85


Wow! Amazing cinematography!

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That was so good to watch. The takeoff, the takes, the map, the butter landing. All!

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Wow, what an amazing video! Such a joy to watch, great shots, music, everything! Iā€™m definitely subscribing!

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Amazing video mate.

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