Nagoya Flight of Dreams experience!

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After yesterday’s spotting topic , this is what I did after that. Right by the terminal, there is a newly built facility called the Flight of Dreams. It features the first ever built 787 along with a very Seattle and Japanese mixed theme. There are plenty of things to do here like a very realistic 787 flight sim and entering the aircraft. Plenty of food and souvenirs too which are based around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. So Starbucks and Ichiro Suzuki uniforms are around. Not to mention, there’s a nice Boeing gift shop which has plenty of stuff from metal 1/200 models, to computer mouses with Boeing on it. Anyways let’s dive in!

Click here to learn more. (Not in Japanese Thank me later)

Ground level nose view

When you enter, right to you left is the 787 which looks enormous from the ground. There are intervals of light shows where it’s dark and intervals where the place is illuminated so I had to make sure I get the pics when it’s light. Good luck getting good shots when it’s dark.

Side view

I decided to enter the 787 first. Unfortunately you only have access to the “first door area.” The Cockpit is blocked out with a wall of glass so you are stuck standing in what would be the lavatory and that stuff.

787 Cockpit


Was kinda hard getting a good pic cause it was pretty dark. Anyways, got some instruments on the FO’s side. They were actually live, not just still. Found that pretty cool.

Tail shot


After doing a bunch of activities on the ground floor, I went up to the 2nd floor to take more pics and enjoy the restaurants and shops . I love tail shots so I had to get one.

Trent 1000 shot

Got a pic of the Trent 1000 on the escalator goin up. This thing was notorious for causing quite a bit of problems for the development. I prefer the GEnx much more. You can see many seats for the restaurants in the bg.

Closeup engine shot.

You are allowed to walk right under those massive engines! Got a closeup with the Boeing to the left.

Closeup Boeing shot

I really liked this pic so I had to put this one in. Love the Boeing livery.

Restaurant view

On the second floor, the massive wingspan of the 787 towers over you and this place to eat. I really liked how they designed that.**

3rd floor view!

The 3rd floor is slightly above the plane, and I got pretty close to the end of the wing. Really like the views from up there cause you get the plane and a lot of the facility.

Ichiro Tribute!

They put in the MLB and Mariners for Ichiro Suzuki. There are bats and uniforms in many places as well. He’s also from a town just outside of Nagoya. I’m quite a fan of him and baseball so I kinda had to put this in 😉

Well there you have it! My top ten pics out of like a 100 from the Flight of Dreams. I loved the experience and definitely looking forward to another visit. I encourage you guys to take a visit if u get a chance to go to Japan. My next topic will be my Delta One trip back to the States!


Those are so cool!

Go Rangers


Lucky, you managed to get a photo of the cockpit! When I went back in October it was so crowded that it was at least a 40 minute wait to get in there. Great photos!

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Wow that’s so cool


Where is this located?

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@Kate_Russell Nagoya, Japan, close to the airport RJGG.


Actually at the airport, literally a 10 minute walk from the terminal.


Man I am so jealous - I was in Nagoya recently and didn’t get a chance to go.


Awesome I love Ichiro ⚾️

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