N918US Special Livery (Margaret One Livery)

As some people may know, N918US is a very popular plane within the spotting community. N918US is known everywhere on instagram as (Meme Machine) Some may think this is a joke but i am very serious. Another reason that N918US would be an important addition to IF is because it is an american airlines plane without sharklets. This would be awesome and many plane spotters would love this addition!

Photo by my good friend @skyharbor.spotter on instagram

I don’t think this is needed. Even with the fact it’s a meme, we already have an AA livery on the a321.


Yes i highly doubt this will be a new added livery, but maybe when there is a full a321 rework they will change it

What is so special about this livery? Just looks like the standard AA livery.


Yea looks the same as ever aa a321


It doesn’t have sharklets and it is a well known plane

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Looks like a normal American livery to me

How is this aircraft even a meme?

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have @skyharbor.spotter tell you the story on insta

I’m not waiting 100 years for that…


I mean I’ve seen aa a321s without sharklets

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Normal A321. Overrated meme. I’m sorry, man, but this is probably never going to come.


All the LUS A321s do not have winglets, I don’t see what makes 918 any different?

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If you want the reason behind ‘Margaret One’ and N918US just PM me.


Wheres the meme?

In full, blatant honesty, this post is just clickbait. There is no “Margaret One” livery. Its the registration that made it Margaret One. I don’t see why this particular A321 is needed. It doesn’t stand out from the rest in any way at all. I’m not saying that you cannot request it, but like there is absolutely no need to have "N918US Special Livery (Margaret One Livery), just no. American Airlines A321-200 (wingtip fence) would be much more professional, and the livery they add could have the registration of N918US.

The most overrated, stale meme, an avgeek could come across.


I am good friends with Dante. Therefore this post was only by his request.