N851TB is a TBM 850 NOT 930

so are we just going to ignore the fact that the youtuber Stevo1kinevo flys the TBM 850 not 930? Im not complaing because we need more GA aircraft but it just makes the aircraft feel very unrealistic… thats just my opinion! I know most non-Pilot people cant even tell the difference but there is a big one and it just makes no sense to put a livery on a plane its not on. for all you non-GA fans this is the equivalent to putting a 737 livery on a 747


If Stevo doesn’t care why do you?

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Watch our feature presentation from yesterday’s expo. We wanted to feature a very icnonic TBM driver that has a huge influence on the aviation community. He does a great job inspiring the up and coming generations and this is our way to give back. Steveo1kinevo has given us the thumbs up on the 930! 👍🏻


Just FYI. 🙂