N80991: Grass Strip Patterns [172 Fixed/Updated]

De ided to go to LSGG and do some patterns on the grass strip now that the 172 is fixed. Also found out that it isnt floating as much and the wing view cameras dont have a choppy engine sounds. Good job infinite flight. Here are the pictures.


If your wondering g why the turn s were so steep it’s because I flew a normal pattern instead of the giant extended or even the 747 patterns that most people fly.

If only 80991 were in IF - Josh Flowers would be proud!

Though I’m not sure he would take his 172 from Texas all the way to Geneva ;)

Great pics!

Yes, he is my favorite aviation YouTube, that’s why I have his callsign as mine, espically in the IFGAC once @Balloonchaserresponds to my dm to change it lol, bet he is swamped though.

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And, you never know, could have set liverys with custom tail numbers by the time the 172 is updated fully.

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Only thing about doing grass strips is you cant do the landing properly cause of the physics