N80991 || ATC Tracking Thread || [CLOSED]

Hello guys and gals ,
N80991 here and this is my official ATC Tracking Thread. I would love to hear everyone’s feedback as I control tower and ground thanks!

You got that from mraviation101?

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Yes sir I watch his vids all the time haha!

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He’s awesome! I watch his vids all the time as well!

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I would never recommend controlling San Clemente on Ts1 unless you like being stressed; but whatever floats your boat. Also more than half of the people that were there probably aren’t part of the community.

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I would rather do another region because SoCal TS1 is… let’s say chaotic sometimes…

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Yes, sometimes I like to practice under stress bc it helps me better learn from my mistakes but I will definently change the region next time !

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I will definently do another region next time !

Hello, I am open at London Heathrow TS1 Feedback appreciated :)

Im coming in as TP06 in an A320 good luck!

I had to go but here’s feedback

A little tip is to control at small airports and regions that are not that packed


I waited like 6 minutes for my taxi clearance and at that time you were not having that much traffic.

I asked for a runway change and you told me to go around, when I Request a runway change you should send me a pattern instruction, sequence ( if there’s more traffic to land in that runway) and then clear or if you don’t want me to go to that runway say “Unable”

You were also clearing people for take off when landing traffic was 1NM out it is more safer when the first plane to land is at least 4NM out

Understood thank you !

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Now closed good day.

Why did you open and then close ?

My apologies, I was called away to do something. My friend and I are going to be doing pattern work and I will be Atc in about 3 1/2 hrs if you would like to tag along.

Now open @ EGSS (London Stansted) TS1
Come one come all

Closed for the day :)

Stephen you’re doing great. If I may make a suggestion, just clear and sequence aircraft quicker when they are doing T&Go’s. Happy landings! City44

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Open now @ KNUC TS1
Come one come all!

Closed until 0500ZULU