N787RR || Trent 1000 / 747

I’m not sure what I could’ve searched up to find this. I searched up the registration, but nothing came up.

Anyways, this livery and aircraft is a BEAUTY! It should be one of those aircraft that you get free with 20+ purchases, or free with Live+. :)



Engine testbed?

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Yes it is, you can tell because the engines are different. What’s funny is the livery is a bit mixed up the RR logo should be on the tail in large and the writing where the logo is then again it’s a test plane not a commercial plane

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Look at the trent! Beast!!!

You search the détail?
Its just a engine. Does it change your IF experience ?

What are you trying to say?..

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Well the trent is still no match for the glorious GE90-115B.