N787FT Boeing 787

I can’t believe we didn’t get this!

Yeah, real disappointment!

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It’s incredible that this livery wasn’t added!

still waiting for the Mexican air force 787…


Would like to see this!

Is it a -8 or a -9?

Because Ask is awesome ;)

It only has 23 likes…

Please notice that that was over 4 months ago, that is way back in the past. No need to repeat history. Plus, whoever said I flagged it? Further arguments to PM please.

This livery should be added!


This needs a bump. Let’s push for it on the next update!

This is Wonderful!

This is a must need!

@PlanesForLife could you change the picture in the original post, as the livery can’t really be seen with the current picture.

What an amazing livery. Voted for it. I suggest many more do.

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@nicochile2. @PlanesForLife got banned so it’s not possible to change the image.

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Anyone else notice the plane in the background?, think it’s the dreamlifter?, modified 747, hauls various plane parts for construction