N787FT Boeing 787

Hey guys! I really want to see this plane in the 787 fleet

Here is the actual plane:

  • Yes, I love this livery
  • No, I hate this livery
  • Maybe

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Wonderful! And something very rare…5 withdrawn posts in a row😮


If you could please post that picture somewhere else. You aren’t even allowed to put it down here 😕😶 (I know it can be annoying)

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Who said I couldn’t put if down here?

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@HV9690, this is a feature request.

Doesn’t fit the guidelines. 1 photo per feature request

There is already one photo in the main post …

1 photo in the WHOLE post+comments


So they can’t see my model?

@HV9690, please stop moving this back to general.

The model or the IRL photo :)

And nope I moved it twice because you moved it back once when it was not a valid request so I changed it back

Yes, but I told you, don’t edit the title, I fixed it.

Isn’t the same reg, but it is the same livery, sorry


I’m asking for N787FT, you are asking for N7874.

It’s the same livery

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No, it isn’t the same livery whatsoever. This livery doesn’t have the icons/airlines who order the 787 Dreamliner.

No it’s not the same livery. N787FT does not have all the logos/decorations that N7874 does. above the windows.


Oh, sorry, just noticed. That one feature threw me off…

I think the other should be closed. This looks much better with all the airline logos.