N723SB for the C172 (Native American Livery)

N723SB is a Cessna 177 Cardinal designed in a tribute livery to the Native American tribes. It tours around the country (mostly the Pacific Northwest as it is stored at KPDX) with the Young Eagles program giving rides to underprivileged kids. It is a beautiful and well painted livery designed for a very compact aircraft. I believe that this would be a good addition to the Cessna 172 (the 172 and 177 are basically the same aircraft and the livery could be condensed down for the 172).

This would be a good addition to the C172 fleet in IF because the aircraft is always pretty to watch and fly in (I met the person who owns it and went up with him in a pattern for a few minutes, It was just for fun and not apart of any program). I really hope to see it in IF in the future!

That definitely is a unique livery! I haven’t got enough votes sadly 😥


beautiful Livery

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Has my vote! We really need some more unique GA liveries, and this one is beautiful!


I really like this livery!

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Gotcha! Thanks for the votes guys!

Wow… that’s impressive. I’ll come back and vote for this once a vote is freed up. That’s a hot rod for sure!

Intricate and unique, I love the color scheme.

Bumping because why not. Its Native American.

Isn’t this a C177?

There you go.

Fair but it with look as good now.

What do you mean?

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Stretch resolution

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Oh. Well it would just be made from the ground up.

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