N647QE question for the team

Been flying for over 3+ Years and seem not to be able to find the resource of a camera view to record myself, say a final approaches landing, etc. I thought there was a way to screen shot your self or record small flight segments watching from the ground level. If unable, disregard but I see others post images of flight operations similar to what I’m looking to do. Probably something easy Im missing maybe!
FYI…I should be a cat5 but these speed violations are killing me…lol, wish there was some new rules regarding speed violations and better judgement how to acquire them. Especially when your flying over an ocean are far from any atc activity!

Jeff Cross- N647QE

You can record your flight in iOS and on Android.

Is the option on infinite flifghtb app

On android yes, it’s built into IF, on iOS use the one that is in the Control Center. A quick google search for iOS 11 screen recorder should show you how to do it on iOS.

Obviously you can do screen recordings on your mobile device, and on Solo there is the playback.
Alternatively, you could ask a friendly & willing person to fly with you and record you. Is there any specific you would like to see in your flying?

As for the speed violations - you need my latest feature request my man!

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Ok thanks for the feed back. Will check out your request!



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