N347FZ Challenger 350

Was scrolling online to look for liveries that I could request for on the upcoming Challenger 350. I found this one and it looks so good. I hope you can agree with me that it looks stunning. This is a beautiful plane and I can’t wait for the Challenger 350 to enter the fleet! Please drop a vote down below.

This got my support!


Nice! (Insert random sentence to get this to 10 characters)

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Giving this a bumb

YES! Finally a Challenger with a simple and pure livery! Love this, I sadly don’t have any votes left (it’s been 2 years [sigh]) but this livery is not extravagant like… OTHERS I can see around here

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I appreciate your interest in this livery

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Bump once again

Bumping this

Giving this a bumb!

Definitely an original livery!

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Voted! I would love to have this awesome livery on IF. Looks very good.

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Bumping for the first time in 2023! Let’s get some votes!

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I would love to see this one in Infinite Flight!