N319CL’ s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Open up again and sorry if I mess up but I learned a little and sorry something doesn’t click but open

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Did you take the feed back from earlier today and actually learn something?

Well see what I’ve learned

Had to close early

Please put closed in the title…

Hey everyone my notes have been a mess so I’m Open at GCRR to get some feedback and actually make notes to practice (as if if went to school)

I’m closed now (Thanks to the 3 users that joined)

Open and feedback approved

I need it, so I can get my notes and practice just like @KC3DLL told me (which is an inspiration)

Closed now

Thanks, I am not certified to critique you but I thought you did a fantastic job. 🤙

Thanks @kiNjaN

What happened at the end? Just curious.

Ok overall I’m pretty impressed, its evident that you are getting better and are trying… couple things I noticed

  • When I first spawned in and requested pushback good job telling me to hold position, that shows you are paying attention to your airport

  • When I requested taxi, you just sent “continue taxi”, you should have clicked on the rwy. If you clicked on the Rwy it would’ve told the pilot to contact tower when ready meaning you wouldn’t have to send extra commands by telling me to contact tower… continue taxi should only be used after you give someone a taxi clearance and for whatever reason you have to tell someone to hold position, then you want them to start taxiing again

  • For the clearances while given in the air you told me to make left traffic, you didn’t have to do that cause you already told me left traffic when I took off.

  • You have easy a pattern entry instead of a just a sequence. It shouldve just been “#2 traffic to follow is on left downwind”… you only need to give a pattern entry if they are new in the airspace or If something changes like a RWY change

  • Good job just saying roger when I called full stop

  • last thing is small but I never got a exit rwy command, just a contact ground… when I plane reaches 70knts or below send the exit rwy command


Still stuff to work on but you’re getting better so A+ to you… I’ll keep helping and you’ll get there :)

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When you said

I did that because in RL the pilot just doesn’t contact tower, the ground gives them the command

I wanted to make it realistic

I’m open again

And @KC3DLL if you do join can you do stuff that can test my knowledge

I have stuff to do rn but if your open for awhile I may be able to come

I had to leave really quick but tell me when your available

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