N319CL’ s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

No problem. We’re just trying to help you be the best you can be.


All good buddy, when you open up again I’ll be there :)

Ok I feel your help

All good. Remember what we said above for next time, I hope to stop by one of your future ATC sessions!

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Gonna go up in a little don’t know yet what airport

Changing the airport

Ok I’ve decided today it’s gonna be at Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹

Controlling now @LOWW

Not gonna reply at this moment just gonna wait for planes

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I’m gonna come by
By preference to which plane I use?

I had to leave
Was a bit confused abt what was going on with the downwind or to start base…
Also there was ALOT of turbulence

You have to give a clearance to land or the option

  • you never gave anyone a clearance for the option or to land, that’s the most important part…

  • You are worried to much about controlling the pattern with the pattern entry commands… let the pilots fly the pattern you worry about sequencing and giving clearances…

  • You dont have to tell everyone their speed, if you gave a sequence and clearance to the pilot it is their job, not yours, to maintain proper separation…


I dont want to discourage you but there are Alot of the same issues here that were there before… you seem to be confused on basic ATC fundamentals… You REALLY need to go and watch the ATC videos on YouTube and read the ATC manual and keep practicing…

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Don’t use pattern entries for planes remaining in the pattern unless you’re changing their runway. (You already told them what direction to fly at takeoff). Do use sequences, I had no idea who I was behind in line. Lastly, when you use i’ll call your base, you need to actually tell when to turn base… you had me flying 22nm away from the airport even though I tried to remind you twice.


Thanks for feedback I’ll take all this into a note


I really like that voice option, pretty much everything these guys are saying to work on. I said going around because I never had a clear to land. I did the second time though I couldn’t waste a 35 knots cross wind landings.

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I would really take that into consideration as you can tell


It’s almost like being prepared for school


The perfect atc test video and the atc manual are always solid reviews. I sure wish I had the manual available when I was learning.

The ui’s changed slightly since the video (the biggest change is the basic sequencing menu moved to the top level, out from the pattern menu)

I’m Cmng back for more I’m gonna be in a TBM

Hey can u put on your title that your closed…

Thanks changed it