N319CL’ s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I will be controlling San Jose

Open @ KSJC (hint hint, big Bert)



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Closed now

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Hello, I was N776DL if you couldn’t tell there were some major issues that need worked on…

  • Ground control was good

  • the “speed at your discretion” command after i took off was unnecessary

  • A major issue was you forgot to give a Clearance on all but 1 of my circuits that’s why I kept reporting my position for touch and go … remember you HAVE to give a sequence (if there is more then one plane landing or doing patterns on a specific RWY) and you HAVE to give a clearance before any plane can land no matter what

  • Good job on the change frequency when I requested departure to the south

  • Transition altitude was to low, good rule of thumb is airport elevation plus 2500ft…
    So since KSJC is at like 63ft the transition altitude should be at minimum 2500ft

  • when you responded with transition altitude of 2000ft, that gave me permission to be in and fly through your airspace, meaning dont immediately tell me to contact departure (I’m in your airspace I should stay with you) another thing is you dont have to ask for my intentions since I have your permission to be in your airspace

  • you didn’t give me a pattern entry instruction when I called inbound for touch and go overhead, you just cleared me for the option RWY12… it should have been “enter right downwind RWY12R” then (if there is more then one plane) give a sequence, then give a clearance for the option making sure to say right or left traffic since I’m new to the pattern

  • make sure you are watching your map and knowing where airplanes are that are on your frequency, and understand if you are controlling KSJC, you are ONLY controlling KSJC…

  • You kept asking N131SD for his intentions when he was on the ground of KRHV not KSJC…

  • You cleared Lufthansa 973 (I think) for takeoff when he as at KNUQ, completely different airport from KSJC so you should not be controlling him, if he called on your frequency you should have told him to contact contact KNUQ unicom or just say “frequency change approved”


  • For remaining in the pattern- after takeoff, give a sequence (if needed), Then give a clearance for the option EVERY TIME

  • if someone Is coming from outside your airspace to land- give a pattern entry, sequence if needed, then give a clearance to land

  • if remaining in the pattern and they request a RWY change OR comming from outside your airspace for a touch and go- ALWAYS give a pattern entry for the new RWY, give a sequence IF NEEDED, then ALWAYS give a clearance for option making left or right traffic


You’re on your way, make sure to Keep practicing, watch the tutorials on YouTube, maybe read the ATC manual and I would recommend going to other ATC Tracking threads and looking at how they do it


30R is the preferred runway for departure and 30L is the preferred runway for arrival

Just so you know…

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No comments please

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I like how I control and if your not happy that’s your choice

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Are you joking, or are you serious?


I am serious

Dude, the whole point of a tracking thread is to get feedback and comments.


They are just giving you constructive criticism to make you better. If your end-goal is to become IFATC, then noting the feedback given and seeing what you can improve on will undoubtedly make you get better, and become an IFATC :)


Listen Man. @KC3DLL (Ryan) know’s his stuff. If he says it, listen. You need to be able to take criticism to learn. Take that back.


I got some very strong criticism from @PlaneCrazy. I took it, I used it, and I improved.


Just like others have said, everyone starts somewhere.

I started not so good at all, but thanks to all of these IFC members, I’ve almost mastered Tower and Ground now.

The reason for a tracking thread is for future aspirations in becoming IFATC, there is going to be cristism, but it’s going to be for the good in the future.

I hope to stop by to one of your sessions soon.


Controlling and becoming IFATC is not for you if you can’t take, accept and try learn from the feedback you receive.


To an extent you are right. We all have our own style of how we control. HOWEVER this cannot get in the way of doing things right. I like to give commands in bursts rather than spread out, thats my choice but I still do it right and in a organized matter. You have to do stuff correctly.


I had a college professor that used to tell us, “Being a good leader/manager/employee isn’t about knowing all of the answers rather how you act when you don’t know an answer.” Basically attitude is everything, positive forward thinking with the ability to receive feedback and advice.

Knowledge is Power, positivity fosters growth; sage advice from your forum comrades above ❤️


Thanks all and I hope you here me

I am truly sorry to @KC3DLL mainly for saying words like

And also to others who are helping me to be a good atc so thanks all