N24320 | TEX-GCN | Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Hey IFC!
Ok, this was one awesome flight and that can’t really be explained without seeing the pictures, so here we go.
Server: Expert

Callsign: N24320

Route - Telluride rgnl KTEX - Grand Canyon national park KGCN
The photos are here!
Our ride for today

Climbing through the crisp thin air of Colorado

Buzzing out of Telluride

Cool landscape

More cool landscape

Steam gauges



Safe landing in GCN!

I am not revealing the 10th photo because I am saving it for @Thunderbolt’s photo competition
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Thankyou @ran

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No problem! I really like the pictures, especially the 7th one :)


Great pictures!

Also, happy cake day @ran!


Make sure that you brought supplemental oxygen because the C172 isn’t pressurized. I am actually really surprised that it could even perform at altitudes as high as Telluride!

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Hmm… I didn’t climb any higher than 11000 ft and since people can survive without oxygen masks all the time in cities like El Alto/La Paz that are at 13000ft, I feel like 11000ft would be ok without any oxygen tanks, but maybe not. I guess people in those cities are just adjusted to breath less oxygen.

Oh wow, I somehow thought that Telluride was a lot higher than that. Anyways great flight!

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Thank you @KindaTartySliceOfPie!


Telluride is at 9000 feet, I’ve been there before irl and I was fine.

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Lol, I live at 2,700 ft and the highest I have been is 7,850ft, needless to say you would probably get a good headache after you got off that plane.

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Well you live in “the mountains” 🤔 wait… I do to Idaho duh.

Even at 9,000ft the C172 has some trouble

Yeah that’s what I thought

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Once I saw that callsign I knew this was made by you lol, nice pictures

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Me? or the OP

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at 8,000ft ASL you start to get altitude sickness (unless of course you have an altitude head start) so I feel really bad for that poor pilot.

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Nice sceneries, and also nice photos !

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