N24320 | PSG-WRG | CubCrafters Xcub

Hey IFC!
This is probably one of the most unique flights I will post about. I’m pretty sure no one will recognize these airport initials so to clear up where this is, this is in Alaska between Juneau and Ketchikan.
Server: Expert

Callsign: N24320
The photos are ready!
Here is the route I took


Flying towards the mountains

Flying up the strange snow valley that are all over Alaska - anyone know what these are called?

I love these steam gauges

Made it over the pass

Following the river back towards the ocean

Mountains are clearing away

Final 28

Safe landing!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Your pictures are always getting better! I would say that your topics are some of best on the IFC!

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Even though I only ever post new topics to this one category😂

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Wow. Just wow. Absolutely wow. Just beautiful.

Are you referring to a glacier? Could also just be where snow did an avalanche or is just there because it’s in the valley.

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Good photos to represent ma home state

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Yeah that’s it! I should know that, I live in Montana we have glacier national park

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