N24320 | Pololu Valley | Xcub

Hey IFC!
I have gotten lots of positive comments in past topics on this area, as I commonly take photos of it when flying to/from PHKO.

The Pololu Valley is one of the most green areas of the big island, with what I imagine would support a huge biodiversity due to it being in a tropical climate and that it receives trade winds It always looked very pretty, so until I can explore it in person some day, I will stick to exploring it in IF. Let’s do it!

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: N24320

 Route: PHUP - a grassy field - HI05

Feast your eyes
Our ride

Low flying over the beach

Venturing up a green valley

And realizing the valley dead ends and there isn’t enough space to make a 180

Some genius idea of mine saved me from imminent death, watch how I did it below

I found a relatively flat field to land at just next to the beach, so I decided to land on it and hop out and smell the air (no runway, no airport, just a field).

Back up in the air!

The Moana Kea Volcano off in the distance

Safe landing at a nearby airport

How I escaped imminent death in photo #5, by trying to climb over a ridge, resulting in a stall which I thought would make me crash into the hillside, but the fall of the nose of the plane back towards earth caused the plane to turn around which saved me! The video will describe it better
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Ayyyyy the Big Island! The Pololū Valley is amazing! I saw the best sunrise ever there


I love how you managed to escape death, but you could’ve seen in coming and just flown over it ;)