N24320 | KSMN-2U8 | Xcub

Hey IFC!
Very interesting flight today for the post to this category. Inspired by this video, Thomas Creek, ID - 2U8 - Approach and Landing ( Idaho backountry ) HD - YouTube
and that there just is a hotel (middleforklodge.com), a landing strip, and a river in the middle of miles of Idaho mountains. Surprising amount of airports in the mountain range, very surprised. So I followed the salmon river from Salmon, to Thomas creek airport.
Alright, details of the flight.
Server: Expert

Callsign: N24320
The photos are here! Finally.
Takeoff from Salmon airport

Starting my journey down the salmon river

Another photo of the journey

And another photo of the journey

Flying over a cute little ranch just 30 miles up river from the lodge.

Getting close! 10 miles out

Approaching minimums

Airport in sight! Fully prepared to make a go around that is a weird approach

Made it down! Now to walk a few minutes, cross a bridge, and check into the cozy lodge in the mountains.

Alright! I hope y’all enjoyed!


Whoa! Really unique and cool. I might do this some day, nice photos!

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