N24320 | JNU-YXY | Cessna 172

Hey IFC!
Wow. What a flight! And a great flight to do on my B-day. I did part of this flight with @United2, who also flew the 172 but had to leave about half way in.
Server: Expert

Callsign: N24320
The photos are here!
Cessnas in Alaska!

Successful takeoff from Juneau

Climbing over a beautiful lake

Oh yeah

Flying past Haines. There are a bunch of tiny cities along lakes and almost all of them have a ferry that connects them all to Juneau through these lakes.

In Alaska, if you can’t drive, you float, if you can’t float, you fly!

Made it over the mountain pass to find another lake. And the mountains are clearing away ahead, I wonder why

Because that’s the great terrain dropoff. I found a cool article that IF made about that here.

Descending into White horse

Safe landing in YXY! Time to go through customs now.

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice nice :D

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Nice trip around here even if it’s no 3D scenery around north

Anyway here’s a meme though it looked ok

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Fun hahaha xd

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The scenery is already there, what we’re missing is the topography.

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oh yea thanks for the correction tho

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Great flight. Wish I could have finished it, the approach looked 10 times cooler than the departure. Hope we can fly again soon!

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It’s just Infinite Flight’s version of the Far Lands.
Great shots!

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