N24320 | Alaska | Cessna 172

Hey IFC!
Ok, I know what you are thinking, the Cessna 172 isn’t an aircraft used for bush flying. But I have flown the Xcub a ton recently, and I made these two topics Xcub in Alaska and Xcub in Hawaii. So this topic is more similar to this topic.

Server: Expert

Callsign: N24320

Route: Wrangell (WRG/PAWG) - Iskut Village (CBU2)

Our ride

Buzzing out of Wrangell

Entering the valley

Ooh yes

Mountains in every direction

The the Mountains are too tall to fly over in the C172, so these valleys are very convenient

Many glaciers melt and create those large rivers

Taking a right before I get to Dease lake

Final 12 at the tiny runway at Iskut Village

Safe landing!

Takeoff and landing movie
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Iskut Village is a great little place to do some GA flying. And those mountains that litter the Alaskan panhandle and parts of BC never get old!

Oh, and one more thing. Awesome photos!

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Classic 172 ahyy so beautiful! The scenery also looks great for GA flights

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