N1RG instrument rating tracking thread

Hello wonderful community of the IFC. Today I present my instrument rating tracking thread. I will post all updates here regarding my instrument training. So, let’s get started.

Update #1: I have started my ground course via Gleim and am currently waiting on a call for the CFII I will be using. I will be flying a Cessna 172L for my training.

Photo of the Cessna 172:https://flightaware.com/photos/view/57046-11c6140da108603b9d680ff84ef48cf1485e7e41/aircrafttype/C172


Good luck on your training! That C172 livery looks awesome!


Good luck, can’t wait to read about it.

I’ve been researching a ton in getting my CPL starting possibly this summer.

Haven’t started any training what so ever but another career move is on the horizon and it just might be an airline pilot.


I will be posting updates after every flight on here. I am looking forward to this adventure


You should use callsighn shamrock, and see what the say😄

Seriously though, really cool, still 3+ yrs till I get in the air…

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‘Push the head pull the tail’, I remember it well!

It’s a tricky course but enjoy adding a very useful string to your aviation bow so to speak!

(no GPS in my time with VOR and NDB tracking to the ILS/SRA the bread and butter, RNAV and GPS approaches seem to be replacing the VOR’s now!)

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I’m working on my instrument rating, too! Trained for my PPL in N2744J, and now I’m in Piper Warriors for instrument work!


Nice! I did my training for my PPl in the 152/172 but I just love the 172 so that’s what I’m doing my instrument in

Update 2: Flew two RNAV approaches with WASS with a friend in a 20 knot x-wind and he said I did good and ahead of the game!

Update 3: Official first flight instruction for my instrument is the first weekend of April!

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So I haven’t been updating this regularly but I guess I’ll start now! As many of you know, I have found an instructor and went on my second instrument Flight and that was under an IFR Flight plan! I will say…I did not do as good as I thought! I was constantly behind the airplane and not making too many big corrections! Despite of that, I learned a lot and looking forward to my next lesson!



Sorry this is off topic but I saw you went spotting in Little Rock. I really want to go spotting there but I don’t know where the best location is. Could you please tell me where it was. I am also from AR by the way :)

Sorry I would have sent this via PM but I can’t yet.


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Shoot me a pm I can help out

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Going to be flying n3211E at the top of the hour!

That’s a lot of aviation careers in one lifetime lol

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