N1DG Instrument Flight Training Tracking thread.

Hello Community, I will be starting my IR training soon and this will be tracking thread. I will be posting all updates on this thread so keep checking back on this post.

First, I will hopefully be flying in N7005Q which is a Cessna 172L. It is based at North Little Rock Municipal Airport (KORK) which is in Little Rocks Class C airspace.

First Update: Going flying with my instrument rated friend in the Cessna 172 i always fly (N51694F). This is for too meet one of the hour requirements for the IR rating. We will be doing Simulated Instrument Approaches as he acts as my safety pilot.

Some pictures of N5194F at sunset!


Whats your future goal in aviation @N1DG

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commercial airline pilot


nice hope the best for you

thank you.I appreciate it alot

I’m running for that same goal. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks Nate! If you have any questions, fill free to pm me on any of my social medias

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Have you tried out a radar approach? VOR approach? I’d like to maybe ask you some questions throughout your training as pertaining to ATC

Goodluck on your journey! I want to hear great feedback from this thread.

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good luck and love the pics!

With the time with a Safety Pilot, do they have to be an Instructor or just hold the IR? Also are they able to lof the hours in their log book?

I start in April so I’ve been up a few times with a friend who’s insturment rating

For a starry pilot, they just need to be able to be able to fly the aircraft and hold a pilots license. As long as it’s a pilot, it shouldn’t matter. The 2 pilots are allowed to log the time but the pilot under the hood must have the safety pilot sign his name

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Update 1.0.0

Flew with my Insturment Rated Pilot Friend. Did three approaches that i felt went good. I think IFR flying is totally bringing up my flying confidence. Made the most out of the flight with 3.1 total flight time and 2.1 logged in the book. Friend decided too take his girlfriend with us as compared this was her second time in a GA airplane she handled it like a champ with the light turbulence and moderate chop as well as gusty winds. Did an ILS into our big Class C airport which was busy. than a localizer approach into Rw 8 at KBVX and than the RNAV to RW.19 back home,


Update 1.1
March 30,2018, my birthday.! My buddy was in town from college for Easter Sunday! Flew for a solid hour and a half and did 3 ILS and 1 RNAV approach with 2 landings! Had a CFI-I call me a few weeks ago and have yet to call me to set up a time


signed the papers too get three ratings done in three months. Insturment/Commercial/Multi-engine.


Update 1.2- Went back to CFS and gave them the signed papers. All set to begin this journey on Monday.

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Update 1.3- CFS instructor called us. Getting everything set up on the schedule. It’s time to fly!


Are you taking the same course as @N1RG ?

Yes i am. Same instructor same everything

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Found out the three Cessna 172Ns I will be flying. They are N5041E, N3211E, and N739NP. IMG_2050IMG_2051IMG_2052