N1 too high at cruise

Hey all,
I am currently in the middle of a flight from Detroit to Frankfurt in an A340-600. I just reached cruise altitude of FL350, and I noticed my N1 is riding around 93% (Normally I cruise at around 75-85%). I put the mach hold at .77, and I have been playing with the trim (nothing is helping). I don’t know what is going on, did I pick a high initial cruise, or is something else happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: All fixed up now, thanks for all the help


How heavy is the aircraft?

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You may need to step climb instead of just going up to FL350

I have a step climb coming up to 38,0000 in a few hours. I descended to 34,000 to see if that would help.

Currently it is 283,800kg at 56% load 1:13 into the flight

I think it’s fine (N1). Just focus on your airspeed and alt to make sure you don’t stall whenever you fly.


Its normal. :)

A330 and 340 are old aircrafts, the N1 will be display correctly and realistic after rework. Yeah with around 80% load at FL310 the n1% is around 99%98% which is unrealistic
Same goes to A380.


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