N1 thrust at takeoff ( specific uses )

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I’m here to ask you about the SPECIFIC USES of N1 while taking off. Talk me about how much Thrust shall I Apply with a certain amount of weight.
Example if ( for lights ) I have 126,009lbs what could be my right N1 thrust

If your answer will be it depends of weight, temperature, runway length, etc. That is not being specific as requested above, I’m looking for great answers here, my takeoffs are completely at your hands, I hope you could help me!

Well unfortunately it DOES depend a lot on those factors…not to mention the type of aircraft that you are flying!

However as a guide you should aim for 90-95% N1, as you gain more experience you will fine tune it depending on your aircraft, weight, temperature, runway length etc!


Hi @JuanCrafter_Pro

If you have a PC that runs Windows (preferably Windows 10) then I would recommend getting a program called TOPCAT which is a Takeoff and Landing Performance Calculation Tool. It takes into account aircraft, runway length, weather, temperature among many other variables. As well as Takeoff V-Speeds, Takeoff N1 and Takeoff Distance, it calculates Landing Distance, the amount of brake power required, amount of reverse thrust etc…

Website: http://www.flightsimsoft.com/topcat/
Guide to TOPCAT: http://www.flightsimsoft.com/topcat/TOPCATUsersGuide.pdf


To put it simple its same as RPM in cars (rotation per minutes). This is to calculate engine fan speed., you should always keep it in green colour, . 95% would be stressing engine. Fly Eco. Keep it on green even you set take off power unless you going to stall…dont whack it alll the way.

Don’t fly on amber colour in N1. You would’nt do that in red rev counter in cars, would you?


Thanks for the information it was very helpful 👊🏻


Thank you men!👨‍✈️

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Hi @BennyBoy_Alpha this helped me LOTS thanks!

Okey really helpful, in conclusion, never exceed 100%N1 as in all the aircrafts up to 100 m the N1 gets red

I would aim for a N1 between 80 to 85


I like this profile, I think you can make smooth takeoffs without climbing at 3,000 fpm

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