N1% right power

N1 is the thing that matters the using of trim and flaps, then to have a beautiful Takeoff I want you guys to help me

NOTE: Pleaseeee!!! Do not put the an answer like “depending of weight” that doesn’t tells me the correct N1 applies and only that:) THANK YOU

Ok don’t depend on the weight, depend on the runway length😉


Lol, so how many n1 should I use on a 6544ft runway?

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@Raidon23 just for example

If you can tell me more about it🙂

For me I’ll normally start rolling at N1 at 40% and slowly toggle up to at most 105%

Okey but hey do you apply trim?

Of course before takeoff

I hate to say it, but it does depend on weight.
For light loads below MLW you should use around 90-92% N1, depending on aircraft.
For medium loads above MLW, use 92-96% N1.
For heavy loads near MTOW, use 96-101% N1.
Also for shorter runways, higher altitudes, and higher temperatures you should increase your N1 by about 2%, depending on aircraft.
Ideally your N1 setting should be enough for you to initially climb out at V2+15 kts at 15 degrees pitch without losing speed. For prop aircraft, your pitch setting should be around 10-13 degrees. You can find aircraft charts that tell you V1/VR/V2 for your aircraft online. That’s pretty much it!


If it depends of weight and you explain me it it’s perfect thank you so much @Airbus_737 this is the best answer of the doubt

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I almost never use full N1. I always use about 70 to 80%.


Did you mean above MLW?

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Yes I did, thanks for correcting me @MaciMDpl

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Alright thx!:)

I understood it thanks mate✈️

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