N1 % problem

I need help. During my flight from Sydney to London, I was on autopilot as my throttle wasn’t working but put into N1 20% and couldn’t go any higher, how can I change this in the future?

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what plane you flying, what altitude, whats ur weight. Whats the speed?

Maybe a stupid question, but how many fuel do you had left?

To my knowledge, amount of fuel doesn’t affect this. If they were out of fuel, N1 would be 0% due to no thrust from the engines.

This might sound stupid, but do you have an active sub? Because if you go outside the regions, the engines will be at N1 20%


Plane is a Boeing 787-9
Altitude would be 5000
Weight be normal in setting
Speed being 250

Was like 100,000

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Here’s the problem when I installed the game it came with all the aircraft except the neo which included the new update and had no sub

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And from where did you get Infinite Flight?


Google Play

My friend sent a link to me about it and needed to pay it from android from Google Play

Okay, good.

Then I’m a bit unsure on what the issue is here.
Why were you on 5000ft? What do you mean it was stuck at 20%? Did you accelerate? What happened when you try to move the throttle up?

It was stuck at N1 20% as I throttled about 100 then stalled

It started whe n in the airport of Sydney or around Sydney with the green box, it started a few miles

Okay, you didn’t see the message that says you need a subscription to fly out of the regions? :)

Not at all.

Wait where does it display?

This is what you should have been seeing.

I guess you found out the hard way😅

K ima check